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Solar Shades

Craft a welcoming sanctuary bathed in gentle, natural light, all while safeguarding your privacy. Choose from our range of 1% to 10% openness options to tailor your illumination to your exact preferences.


Blackout Shades

Ideal for bedrooms and media rooms, our blackout shades eliminate any light seepage, ensuring uninterrupted darkness throughout the day and night.


Dual Shades

Dual shade systems incorporate two roller shades within a unified housing, offering versatility in controlling both room illumination and ambient light. A typical setup consists of a solar screen shade alongside a blackout shade, tailored to create an optimal setting for various business or entertainment occasions. These rollers are enclosed either within a custom-built pocket using a dual bracket system or mounted on combined brackets that can be discreetly covered with fascia, ensuring seamless integration into the space.

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